Personal Shopping

A personal shopper helps those who don’t have the time, energy or expertise to do so on their own. They will give the client direction regarding which attire is best suited for specific seasons, occasions, and the clients’ lifestyle. They custom-tailor a shopping experience that is inspiring, productive, and simplifies the shopping process so clients can gain confidence in their skills and the evolution of their personal style.

Free 30-Minute
Personal Shopping

Our free 30-minute personal shopping consultation will empower you with insider knowledge on where to shop, what to shop for, and when to shop for it. Our stylists are acutely aware of current seasonal trends, promotions and discounts in the stores that best reflect your needs and style.

With just 30 minutes of our guidance and individualized approach, you will gain a professional eye for spotting unique pieces that stand out and reflect your fashion vision.

Personal Shopping

The stylists at Senator Tailoring will take their time to get to know your lifestyle, environment and daily needs in order to curate a personalized collection for you based on your body shape, and unique style. Paying special attention to your lifestyle, our stylists will shop with you, and guide you in what can be improved based on your fashion goals whether they are geared towards timeless fashion, or the season’s latest trends.

We will transform the way you shop in a way that saves you time and instills in you a sense of confidence that will carry you forward in the unique development of your personal style. Being authentically you is your most attractive quality.

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